Design in practice.


The beginning of this project found inspiration in the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path (): eight fundamentals for a more conscious life that – applied to the practice of design – may lead to generate virtuous projects and products.

These eight visions, whose practise has the intent to guide speech, actions and thought, are here paired with a design-related rendition () which a new path originates from: eight design practices with a dual nature that have the potential to trigger an inexhaustible synergistic circularity.
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1 ♺ Honest voice for a proper speech.

♜ Design

Developing projects that can teach us to grasp the nature of the products we use and the value of the resources we have. The choice of objects that declare their substance helps to increase awareness in us.
♥ Path

Pondering our language in order to speak without consequences, growing honesty and words of value that have no hidden purposes. Through honest words, we can enhance the ability to listen and the knowledge of reality.

2 ♺ Sharp operations for proper actions.

♜ Design

Optimizing production processes to make the most of the existing supply chain, applying simplification mechanisms for each production and consumption phase of a product. We should pursue our skill sharing at every level.
♥ Path

Taking actions that are not driven by the pursuit of personal advantages, placing trust in them and finding the courage to act. Our very selves and our body have to be used correctly all the time.

3 ♺ Limited resources for a proper livelihood.

♜ Design

Investigating methods to wisely use resources in their entirety, reducing waste. A design aiming at creating a desire – instead of responding to an actual need – should be identified and therefore avoided.
♥ Path

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle by avoiding excesses. Being aware of life is possible in the long term by not living with your mind stuck on results and by listening to the others’ presence, before listening to their words.

4 ♺ Transformative drive from a proper intention.

♜ Design

Designing to spark a thinking that can also come from questioning of stereotyped attitudes. The virtue of an object can also be found by overturning its symbolic meaning when it is not useful.
♥ Path

Embodying the intention to achieve useful effects through body, speech and mind, avoiding the unnecessary effects. Through patience one can achieve the right motivation and master the selfish desire for affirmation.

5 ♺ Regenerative habits from a proper understanding.

♜ Design

Analyzing the entire life cycle of products and design so that they can be reintroduced in the production chain or provide new resources. We should be involved in participatory design to incorporate the vision of others.
♥ Path

Seeing and understanding things for what they really are, letting go of our instinctive attachment to them. Judgment should be suspended in order to live with a clear mind and allow space for others to manifest.

6 ♺ Collective attention with a proper effort.

♜ Design

Laying eyes on contexts that are not exclusively about us, identifying ourselves with others. Designing for a collective interest means putting yourself at the service of an objective that goes beyond our own profit.
♥ Path

Practicing acceptance to open up to the variables of life, without judging ourselves or giving up fighting. Trusting in the goodness of our practice allows us to sustain a constant commitment to find the ability to act correctly.

7 ♺ Extensive vision with a proper mindfulness.

♜ Design

Launching the project to the future starting from the observation of the present. Nowadays it is essential to be aware that any object – even if sustainable – still has an impact: the only sustainable designer is the “non-designer”.
♥ Path

Getting to an unconditional and objective vision through in-depth awareness. In order to get rid of our preset mental patterns it is necessary to learn to let go.

8 ♺ Dynamic energy with a proper concentration.

♜ Design

Leaving to the user the responsibility and the honour of continuing with the design. Dynamic and circular design does not only mean using recycled raw materials, but treating each project as a single entity with the purpose of granting it its own dignity.
♥ Path

Addressing the attention towards a specific direction, increasing its level in order to limit dispersion in day-to-day activities. Maintaining mindfulness and being present to what happens allows us to become the centre of everything, along with everything.
Call to action
We propose a method that aims to give a far-reaching compendium whose free access may lead to increase one’s awareness.
Eight scalable rules suitable for cross-adoption, regardless of the area of interest or one’s predisposition, directly derived from the eight virtuous design practices.

Sharing virtuous thoughts with respectful words towards those who listen.
Arranging daily actions so as not to lose time and efficiency.
Reducing the use of a resource when excessive use ends up being superfluous.
Transforming inconsistent behaviours into something useful.
Understanding the nature of things and people by going beyond their appearance.
Expanding our commitment in favour of a collective interest.
Looking at what’s at our disposal today to understand what to do without tomorrow.
Actively participating in the life cycle of the things that surround us.

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