Design in practice.


The exhibition – whose set-up and communication are also sustainable – consists of twenty-two examples of design with inherent sense that we have delivered in the past two decades of working activity; each of them is placed in comparison to the most suitable practice.

The outlining exhibition layout is shaped by the sequence of the eight virtuous design practices and presents a raising virtue level.

Each practice is also paired with a video conceived in cooperation with Fabrica: a visual rendition – at times experiential – of the fundamentals stated in the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path, which the project draws its primary inspiration from.


1 ♺ Honest voice for a proper speech. #education #communication #knowledge #listening #perception
Memoria Memoria.
Time gauge lamp. How long does a lamp’s light last? How much energy gets wasted needlessly? Memoria is a lamp with a digital meter that counts every minute of light emitted. Once the light fitting inside Memoria finally ceases to work, the meter will stop accordingly, displaying the total lifetime minutes. Ono Luce, 2007.
Halful Planter set.
Planter set. Half full, half empty. The geometrics of the metal structure blend with the vessel’s volumes, obtaining totemic figures declarative of their build. Halful was born to bring about a planter made up of the smallest volumetric percentage of regenerated plastic – obtained from recycling production discards – and an “empty” percentage, defined by a metal wire frame. PLUST Collection, 2015.
Piece of Card Piece of Card.
Postcard-envelope. Observe, collect, send. Piece of Card seeks to provide the opportunity to share the experience of a trip by “gifting” a piece of city, meaning the sender may genuinely pass on the feeling of a particular time and place in a gesture as simple as sending a souvenir postcard. “Primaproduzione”, Corraini Editore, 2013.
Last wordLast word

Last word.
We often speak one above the other, without awareness of our emotions and our words. Tension and suffering build up until they reache the limit and there is no possible outcome other than exploding. Everything you say will come back to you. Fabrica, 2021 (Jonathan Bocca, Lara Lussheimer, Madalena Silva Carlos). With Harry Grundy and Lara Lussheimer.


2 ♺ Sharp operations for proper actions. #process #simplification #sharing #motivation #courage
Saving/Space/Vase Saving/Space/Vase.
Plantpot. Individual, industrial unique pieces. In an ironical exchange of competencies, Saving/Space/Vase undergoes a “compression” treatment immediately after extraction from the mould. The initial object, the plantpot, takes on new nuance enriched with a different aesthetic – one that is always original. An artistic intervention producing unique, but simultaneously industrial pieces using a single mould. PLUST Collection, Euro 3 Plast, 2009.
Washing Soap Washing Soap.
Washing soap. For cleaning efficiently. A new interpretation of Marseilles soap which, thanks to its shape, can be lodged on top of the classic plastic scrubbing brush. A simple, spontaneous action that responds to the natural, everyday use of washing soap. Collection “Eureka”, Coop, 2007.

If/Then is a conditional statement. By showing non-sense visual advice of acting in response to a specific emotion, the video functions as an outside voice that leads you to not taking correct actions. It’s the extreme of looking for validation and encouragement from others, but missing the act of trusting your own thoughts. Fabrica, 2021 (Diego Gil De Biedma, Alexandra Vogel, Zhang Zhan).


3 ♺ Limited resources for a correct livelihood. #method #reduction #realness #balance #existence
Saver Saver.
Universal shower diffuser for plastic bottles. The shower of the future. Saver streamlines daily water use by inviting the user to consume the available water responsibly. Once combined with a standard plastic bottle, Saver means breaking free of the bounds of the bathroom, making a daily procedure something more aware and functional. Selected by the ADI Index 2008. Coroitalia, 2006.
Razione H2O Razione H2O.
Single use water doser. An exact amount to satisfy everyday needs: freshening up, cleaning or slaking thirst. Razione H2O streamlines the right amount of water to employ in our daily actions, helping us to curb both excess and improper use of a finite resource such as water. Exhibition “Acqua”, Opos (Milano, IT), 2003.
Walking on Glass Walking on Glass.
Glass module for flooring and cladding. Walking on Glass is an agglomerated glass module obtained from the recycling of commonly-used glass bottles from separated waste collection. Here, the inspiration is the recycling process itself which offers a second life to glass, a natural resource that – even so – is finite . Trend Group, 2010.
Food collectorFood coolector

Food collector.
Excess generates an unbalanced in life that materialises in an incessant rain of junk food. The protagonist remains buried and suffocated by this rain. Fabrica, 2021 (Jacopo Brunello, Sarah Elawad, Alessandro Niro). With Alessandro Niro.


4 ♺ Transformative drive from a proper intention. #meditation #stereotype #symbol #fulfillment #patience
To Re or Not To Re To Re or Not To Re?
Past lives narrating masks. Plastic today is demonized, and yet is a patently indispensable material; therefore, the true dilemma is: “to recycle or not to recycle?” The answer is clearly unequivocal and finds a model representation in a triptych of post-consumer plastic plantpots (derived from urban refuse, 100% recycled and recyclable), that dons a mask representative of the pot’s own previous life, recounting a mere sliver of its own infinite existence. “Ro Plastic Prize”, Teraplast, 2019.
Non ci sono più i giochi di una volta! Non ci sono più i giochi di una volta!
Analogue-digital catapult. These days, fantasy is only pre-packaged and games, although digital and virtual, are so close to reality that the concept of imagination and creativity is being lost. This USB catapult seeks to subvert its symbolic significance and represents the joining and juxtaposition between the real and the virtual, fantasy and creative stasis, enthusiasm and passivity. Exhibition “La mano del designer”, FAI + Moleskine (Milano, IT), 2010.
UseLess is More UseLess is More.
Dysfunctional clock. Industrial design produces items for use – the function of which determines the reason behind their design. UseLess is More is both provocation and serious reflection on our lives surrounded by items that are not strictly necessary. This dysfunctional clock represents an example: the dysfunction carries with it a loss of function through contradiction and alongside an increase in the sense of being. Solo exhibition in collaboration with TURN (Torino, IT), 2007.
One Shot, One Life! One Shot, One Life!
Artistic chair. Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris. The project, part of a thirty-strong chair collective re-examined in symbolic meaning, inserts the chair Superleggera (Gio Ponti for Cassina, 1955) into the life-death-life biological chain, becoming the glue between one species and another. The chair plays host to woodworm whose ingress has been encouraged by the addition of small holes, created by literally “shooting it in the legs” with a pellet rifle. Exhibition “Supercolla” (Milano, IT), 2019.
Live Now Die Later Live Now Die Later.
Social sensitising project. Change perspective. Live Now Die Later is a social campaign cultural project that discusses a deeper vision of life, through the awareness of how to act to safeguard the world, with more care and more freedom. An interconnected project that draws the creative and design world closer to the world of awareness, with the intention of achieving constructive impact with mind and body. Since 2018
RosAria RosAria.
Disposable rosary beads. While saying the rosary, the faithful runs the beads through their fingers, moving ever closer to the final point where the cross is located, bursting air bubbles at the prayer’s conclusion. The concept of mass industrial product is transposed onto a symbol of the eternal and the sacred to the point of becoming a single-use, disposable object. Spirituality becomes mass-produced and time-limited. Self-produced (pat. pend.), 2002.
Life bufferingLife buffering

Life buffering.
Life buffering is a desperate race towards a goal that will never be revealed, creating in the viewer a sense of frustration and perpetually unsatisfied curiosity. Fabrica, 2021 (Jacopo Brunello, Sarah Elawad, Alessandro Niro). With Diego Gil De Biedma.


5 ♺ Regenerative habits from a proper understanding. #analysis #cycle #participation #intuition #judgement
Terracotta Pencil Terracotta Pencil.
Pencil in terracotta. From the remnants of industrial earthenware products processing comes Terracotta Pencil, an oversize pencil for writing on porous surfaces like masonry or concrete. What was once waste is endowed with a new dignity, tied to a primordial human activity – writing. Cotto Chiti, 2007.
Insula Collection Insula Collection.
Plantpot set in recycled plastic. These days plastic is a resource readily recovered in Nature. Plastic waste is newly interpreted as raw material, whose imperfect surfaces gain new value and beauty, in which dwell functionality and aesthetics both. Plastic recycled from urban refuse, additionally, acts symbolically as a “repository of past history”, imbued with narratives originating in its former usages. Tera, 2020.

This video shows the first stages of production of four products: sausages (piglet birth), heroin (poppy flower blossoming), pencil (tree felling) and lipstick (oil extraction). All four pairs of videos are arranged together like a moodboard and a cursor clicks on the videos to rearrange them. Fabrica 2021 (Harry Grundy).


6 ♺ Collective attention with a proper effort. #look #background #service #acceptance #capability
Sensounico Sensounico.
Sensory sampling kit. In the voluntary nullification of all the senses, but taste, we are offered the opportunity to taste and reflect upon sampling artisan beer in all its essence. The kit is made up of a “balloon” glass (the opaque finish of which conceals the liquid within from view), earplugs, blindfold and cotton gloves to ensure total concentration on the moment of sampling. 32 Via dei Birrai, 2019.
Bubble Soap Bubble Soap.
Play soap. Educate through playing. Bubble Soap is a soap for children with an embedded ring for making soap bubbles. A throwback to a perennially popular, eternally fun game, the aim is to teach personal hygiene by turning it into a time for fun and play. Solo exhibition “Come Dire” (Vicenza), 2009.
DentroFora DentroFora.
Basin for indoor and outdoor use. A new paradigm in bathroom decor. An accessorized basin formed of a single constituent element made out of recycled plastic. Outdoors, located close to a water point DentroFora works simply by connecting it to a garden hose, whilst in public spaces it may be turned into a community hand hygiene hub. Lineabeta, 2021.
The ConstellationThe Constellation

The Constellation.
A game of attraction and distancing forces – equals and opposites – and their consequent arrangement in the space. Fabrica, 2021 (Harry Grundy). With Diego Gil De Biedma, Mei Ling Girault, William Grotto, Lara Lussheimer, Zhan Zhang.


7 ♺ Extensive vision with a proper mindfulness. #projection #present #impact #depth #abandon
4 Pezzi 4 Pezzi.
Disassemblable chair. Assemble, disassemble, compact. A chair made of four solid wood pieces, brought about by interlocking the elements, without recourse to small components or materials other than the wood. Created to be swiftly assembled or kept disassembled to save space – both for use within a domestic context as well as in terms of transporting, storage and future disposal. Designbottega, 2013.
Umbilical cordUmbilical cord

Umbilical cord.
Umbilical cord has to be cut so that the baby and mom can let go of each other to survive. Similarly, ourselves and our predefined mental patterns preserve this mode of attachment in between, and it is unsettling. Not willing to let go of each other causes constant suffering. Fabrica, 2021 (Diego Gil De Biedma, Alexandra Vogel, Zhan Zhang). With Diego Gil De Biedma.


8 ♺ Dynamic energy with a proper concentration. #commitment #circularity #dignity #direcion #all
Scuola Italiana Design Scuola Italiana Design.
Art direction and education management. Ushering future generations towards aware, critical thinking. The capacity for imagination, for getting closer to other with empathy and for thinking are nurtured by a good education, making us able to see people as human beings and not as a target to hit. SID – Scuola Italiana Design (Padova, IT), 2015-2021.
NonlasciarlAlì NonlasciarlAlì.
Modular food counter. A module-based food counter (refrigerated and otherwise) conceived for the selling of products approaching expiry. NonlasciarlAlì is a project seeking to sensitize us to food waste awareness and create a genuine community with a shared sense of belonging in “doing the right thing”: reaching a point of synergy with the lifecycle of perishable food products. Alì Supermercati, 2021.
Habits inwardsHabits inwards

Habits inwards.
A critic to our lack of awareness by presenting a new way of looking at very mundane activities. Here we present what’s usually left unseen, an act of introspection that invites the viewer to become fully present. Fabrica, 2021 (Jonathan Bocca, Lara Lussheimer, Maddalena Silva Carlos). With Lara Lussheimer.
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Address: Piazza Cavour, 73/B, Padova (IT). Public transportation: Via Verdi, Riviera dei Ponti Romani, Corso Garibaldi. Paid parking nearby; nearest free car park: Park Prandina; paid car park: Padova Centro Park.
Dedicated entrance for people with reduced mobility. Cloakroom unavailable.
For more infos: +39 0498206730 (Galleria Cavour), +39 0444248234 o +39 3470671696 (JoeVelluto Studio).
Visit the exhibition.
September 17th – November 1st, 2021.
Galleria Cavour, Padova (IT).
Free admission with reservation. Opening times.

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